Waite Phillips Epigrams

Quotes & Business Inspirations

“Two important factors are essential in work of any kind; Get it done right and on time, but never sacrifice right for time.”

“The only things we keep permanently are those we give away.”

“Procrastination is an expensive habit.  It is responsible for many failures that otherwise would be successes.”

—Waite Phillips



Tulsa, Oklahoma

Waite's 17 Business Rules
  1. Carefully examine every detail of your business.
  2. Be prompt in everything.
  3. Take time to consider, then decide quickly.
  4. Bear your troubles patiently.
  5. Maintain your integrity as a sacred thing.
  6. Never tell business lies.
  7. Make no useless acquaintances.
  8. Never try to appear to be something more than you are.
  9. Pay your debts promptly.
  10. Learn how to risk your money at the right time.
  11. Shun strong liquor.
  12. Employ your time well.
  13. Do not reckon on chance.
  14. Be courteous to everybody.
  15. Never be discouraged.
  16. Practice orderliness, thoroughness, concentration, and patience.
  17. Then work hard and you will succeed.
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